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OCBC keen to expand into onshore wealth management in China


OCBC is evaluating how it would expand into the onshore wealth management space in China, seeing increasing demand for wealth management services from domestic Chinese clients and as China plans to open up its financial sector in this space.

"We do have intentions to establish a presence to focus on this particular area," said OCBC's chief executive Samuel Tsien during a ...more

OCBC targets S$1b profit from China's Greater Bay Area by 2023


OCBC, Singapore's second-largest bank, expects to hit at least S$1 billion in pre-tax profits from the Greater Bay Area - comprising Hong Kong and Macau, grouped with several cities in Guangdong province - by 2023.

This is double its current pre-tax profit level of S$500 million as at 2017, the bank announced.

The target will rest largely on OCBC's strategy of capturing ...more

On green financing, a lack of colour on required standards


ASEAN will need US$200 billion in green investment from 2016 to 2030, a five-time increase from current levels - and that speaks to the "significant potential" for private capital to enter this space, said a top executive from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on Thursday.

But there needs to be more clarity in the standards of debt instruments in this area - better ...more

A cornerstone of Singapore banks' digital transformation is the use of AI to enhance customer experience

IT'S NO secret that Singapore prides itself on being an early adopter of sophisticated technology to drive its global competitiveness. Its banking sector is a prime example, and is today by far the most advanced in the region in its use of new technology - offering mobile banking and the latest fintech solutions for both corporate and individual customers.

However, the industry is poised for ...more

Asia's capital markets seeing strong growth: MAS


THE expansion of Asian enterprises and demand for infrastructure development in the region will drive financing and capital raising activities in Singapore, Ravi Menon, managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2018 at the Ritz Carlton Singapore, he noted that more Asian companies are expanding ...more

If blockchain 'use case' fails, MAS still benefits


MANY of the Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) 'use cases' for its blockchain experiments - such as those on know-your-customer procedures, trade financing and cross-border payments - are likely to fail. And its managing director Ravi Menon is fine with that.

A 'use case' is a list of actions or event steps typically defining the interactions between a role and a system.

"(This) ...more

The Bank of East Asia – Meeting the Investment Needs of Mainland China's Wealthy

AS A LEADING financial services provider in Hong Kong, Bank of East Asia (BEA) has established a significant presence in the Greater China Region, offering cross-border wealth management and banking solutions for its clients.

BEA's suite of banking services includes corporate and commercial lending, trust and other wealth management services. This comprehensive suite of solutions allows the ...more

UOB Private Bank – Delivering Consistent Results for Clients

BY CRAFTING solutions tailored to their clients' risk appetite and investment objectives, UOB Private Bank has consistently delivered results for its clients. Dr Neo Teng Hwee, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Investment Products and Solutions at UOB Private Bank, shares key insights into his team's award-winning performance.

Can you give a sense of how UOB Private Bank has performed in ...more

Getting ahead in the tough world of transaction banking

MANY banks and financial technology (fintech) companies want a greater presence in transaction banking - the business of managing cash for companies and financing trade and supply chains. Global banks are trying to add more sources of recurring fee income to increase their return on capital. Local and regional banks in emerging markets long for the relative stability of transaction banking, as they ...more

Touché and OCBC to launch fingerprint-based credit card payments


LOCAL fintech startup Touché has partnered with OCBC Bank to bring what it says is the world's first fingerprint, biometric-based payment to credit card merchant customers in Singapore.

It will offer this service to all OCBC's credit card merchants with physical stores.

According to the tech firm, its "innovative device and robust software" will deliver "highly ...more
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